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21 April Satsang with Prajnaparamita


strongly recommended

Meetings for the joy of being nothing.

104, rue Vaugirard
Fri. 21 April 
at 20: 00
Free participation from €10
Without Reservation

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10,00 €

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Talks with Prajnaparamita on Awakening, Love, Truth and Compassion

Prajnaparamita teaches what cannot really be taught:

‘You are what you are so preciously seeking.

Be still, rest and awaken to yourself’.

Through satsangs and retreats in the Netherlands, internationally and at her centre in France, she re-hearts the listener to their inner wisdom, encouraging all to live an open, joyful and love-filled life.

Originally from the Netherlands, Prajnaparamita has been in search of her true nature all her life. Initially investigating and studying psychology, religion and philosophy, she eventually met a truly awakened soul and surrendered her heart, her mind and her life.

Over several decades Prajnaparamita received a rich vista of non-dual teachings: Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism, Zen and Ch’an. Once realised her true nature, she has dedicated her life to the self-realisation of all. Through satsangs, retreats and interviews she continually directs the listener to their very wisdom heart.

These days, Prajnaparamita spends most of her time at La Roseraie de Sacha: a centre of awakening and natural living deep in the countryside of central France. With meditation and satsang daily, opportunity is given for contemplation and self-enquiry interwoven with the participation in projects around the property - from gardening to cooking - all with an attitude of lightness and play.

The satsang with Prajnaparamita will be in English and simultaniously translated into French.

Le Satsang avec Prajnaparamita sera en Anglais et simultanément traduit en Français.


Friday, April 21

20 h to 21 h 30
104, street of Vaugirard, Paris 6 °
M ° St Placide or Montparnasse
Bus 89, 94, 95 stop Littré

Free participation (required minimum €10)
Without Reservation

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